This is a great starting point for design work at your property. This service can stand alone as a verbal consultation or lead into a more extensive design or installation down the road. After reviewing your questionnaire and doing some remote research, I will visit your property with you (approximately 2-3 hours depending on property size) and provide as much design guidance as possible during that period, including a list of design ideas for you to implement.

Takeaways from this consultation can include:

  • Valuable design direction during the consultation and a list of recommendations and resources.

  • Flags marking the precise locations of place-based recommendations such as a tree or a rainwater catchment tank.

  • Basic hand drawn map outlining key components or measurements of the site.

The cost for this service: $200

$100/hr in excess of 3 hours. Pricing includes front-end research time needed to review your questionnaire and other data about your site. (For properties outside St. Louis, a $1/mile travel fee applies beyond a 30 mile distance from our office in St. Louis)